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General Elections in the Republic of South Africa
by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera

The Republic of South Africa held its sixth one-person, one-vote general election on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. A history and description of the South African electoral system is presented here.

In addition, national- and provincial-level results are available here (and also in CSV format) for the following general elections:

      May 8, 2019       Results       Election Map      
      May 7, 2014       Results       Election Map      
      April 22, 2009       Results       Election Map      
      April 14, 2004       Results       Election Map      
      June 2, 1999       Results       Election Map      
      April 26-29, 1994       Results       Election Map      

More information about these elections is available here.

The statistics published here come from reports issued by the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

For any questions, comments or suggestions concerning the information available here, please send me a message.

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