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Elections to the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies
Election Data

National- and constituency-level election data used by the Chamber of Deputies election results lookup system is now available in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.

The data files (one per general election) consist of the following columns:

  • Constituency (blank for Luxembourg totals)
  • Election
  • Party or Election Statistic
  • Votes, Voters or Electors
  • Percent
  • Seats

The election statistics are derived from results published by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg official elections website and Luxembourg's Statistics Portal. However, since voters may choose as many Chamber candidates as there are constituency seats to be filled, party vote totals were obtained by dividing list results by the total number of seats (with fractions rounded to obtain whole number figures), and the results were then aggregated for each political party. Finally, it should be noted that the sum of votes cast for parties will not equal the total number of valid votes due to the fact that some electors vote for fewer candidates than the number of available seats.

Constituency Codes

      1       South      
      2       East      
      3       Center      
      4       North      

Elections and Data Files

      October 20, 2013       2013.csv      
      June 7, 2009       2009.csv      
      June 13, 2004       2004.csv      
      June 13, 1999       1999.csv      

Last update: October 20, 2013.