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Federal Elections in Switzerland - Elections to the Nationalrat (National Council)
Election Data

Federal- and cantonal-level election data used by the Nationalrat election results lookup system is now available in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.

The data files (one per general election) consist of the following columns:

  • Canton
  • Election
  • Party or Election Statistic
  • Votes, Voters or Electors
  • Percent
  • Seats

The election statistics are derived from official reports issued by the Federal Chancellery. However, in order to have election results that reflect party strength in a meaningful manner, lists have been grouped according to classifications issued by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Moreover, since Swiss voters may choose as many National Council candidates as there are constituency seats to be filled, party vote totals for multi-member cantons were obtained by dividing list results by the total number of seats (with fractions rounded to obtain whole number figures), and the results were then aggregated for each political party. Finally, it should be noted that in multi-member constituencies the sum of votes cast for parties will not equal the total number of valid votes due to the fact that some electors vote for fewer candidates than the number of available seats.

Canton Codes

      CH       Switzerland Totals      
      ZH       Zürich      
      BE       Bern      
      LU       Luzern      
      UR       Uri      
      SZ       Schwyz      
      OW       Obwalden      
      NW       Nidwalden      
      GL       Glarus      
      ZG       Zug      
      FR       Fribourg      
      SO       Solothurn      
      BS       Basel-Stadt      
      BL       Basel-Landschaft      
      SH       Schaffhausen      
      AR       Appenzell Ausserrhoden      
      AI       Appenzell Innerrhoden      
      SG       St. Gallen      
      GR       Graubünden      
      AG       Aargau      
      TG       Thurgau      
      TI       Ticino      
      VD       Vaud      
      VS       Valais      
      NE       Neuchâtel      
      GE       Genève      
      JU       Jura (since 1979)      

Elections and Data Files

      October 18, 2015       2015.csv      
      October 23, 2011       2011.csv      
      October 21, 2007       2007.csv      
      October 19, 2003       2003.csv      
      October 24, 1999       1999.csv      
      October 22, 1995       1995.csv      
      October 20, 1991       1991.csv      
      October 18, 1987       1987.csv      
      October 23, 1983       1983.csv      
      October 21, 1979       1979.csv      
      October 26, 1975       1975.csv      
      October 31, 1971       1971.csv      

Last update: July 28, 2018.